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"Hello Cindy and family,

Little Daisy is doing just great. She is so charming, we can't believe it! You and your family have obviously done a beautiful job raising and socializing these puppies. 

 I am pleased to report that Daisy's first vet check went well. The vet happened to be a former Maltese breeder and she said Daisy is a very nice example of a good Maltese puppy.

We are enjoying her very much. She seems to be a smart little girl for such a young age. 

Thanks for this puppy!"


Jan Noges
Lakewood, WA
"I just wanted to say thank you again for Tuffy. He is the cutest, sweetest, and best puppy in the world  (ok, I might be a little in love with this puppy!).

Your puppies are truly remarkable. We really appreciated you opening your home to us and giving us a chance to see why they are such ideal pets. You have a class "A" facility, we love that you keep all the puppies in your home and we love the fact that your whole family is involved in the daily care of the puppies.

 I can't wait to get my little girl from Tessa's next litter to go with Tuffy. Thanks again for everything."

Jessica & John Tuft
Silverdale, WA

"It is hard for people to understand the importance of genes but the proof is often in the temperament  and the personality - of each puppy as it grows into an adult dog.

Having raised many puppies of several breeds to adulthood, it is quite apparent to me when I have a dog that has a great personality such as my Yorkie (named Kingston). He joined two other dogs and two cats in my home and immediately fit into the family. Although Kingston is small, he is a tough little dog and gets along with his fellow house members. Added to his personality, his markings are nice and strangers often notice and remark about the nice markings.

A good dog is always a pleasure to find. Cindy Haberly has done a great job in breeding good puppies with great personalities."  

Janet Wright
Camano Island, WA

"Cindy is one of the best breeders I've ever met. She truly cares about her dogs - and invests in them to raise healthy puppies.

My Morkie, Abbey Road, is awesome - very social, friendly and adorable.  I also really appreciated the care that Cindy took with feeding my dog natural foods from birth -- I think this is one of the reasons she has been such a healthy dog.  Abbey and I visit the Haberlys regularly and Abbey is always so happy to see the family -- both her dog family and the Haberlys. 

Thank you, Cindy, for being such an awesome home breeder."

Natala Menezes
Seattle, WA

"I want to thank Cindy for letting me adopt the most wonderful little man....Oliver!  Oliver means the world to our family. I can't imagine life without him.

Oliver has brought us more laughs and fun than I thought possible.  He is a little guy with a sense of humor.  When we ask him to sit pretty for a treat, he sits up like a squirrel.

He adjusted to our family so well and I believe that was due to the love and care Cindy and her family showed to the puppies while in her care. I have taken Oliver to visit the Haberly's and her dogs a few times and he always has a ball.

I am seriously considering adopting a little sister for Oliver!  Oliver's Mother is Bubbles and his sister is Abbey Road.

Thanks again, Cindy!  We would not give Oliver up for the world!"

Wendi Tucker
Marysville, WA

                 "Lily" a little Yorkie girl from Bella is the newest member of the Tucker Family!
"We were loooking for a breed that possessed the hypoallergenic and good health qualities.  Two good friends of ours also got their Maltese through Cindy and he is very well behaved and mellow; which we witnessed first-hand.  This is why my husband and I decided to get our Maltese puppy through Cindy.  The first time we met Cindy at her residence we felt really comfortable and Bubbles' puppies looked healthy and alert; which was a plus for us.  Cindy puts her heart and soul into caring for them.  We've had our "Mochi" for two weeks.  She is doing great and is very smart.  I've trained her to sit, come, stay, and lie down.  My family enjoys her company and mellow personality.

Thank you Cindy for being flexible and constantly keeping us updated with photos and emails about our Mochi before we picked her up on July 2nd."

Alice Tse
Renton, WA
"We really love the puppy we adopted from you.  She is just a happy puppy!  Maisy Daisy Oreo Crazy is a very active pup.  Maisy gets along with our three other dogs.  She loves our grandkids which is very important since we have ten.  Even when she is being naughty, it is hard to be mad because of that adorable face!  Thank you so much for a well adjusted and social girl."

Debbie Nelson
Orting, WA
"I am so crazy in love with my little girl and she seems to be a very happy puppy.  She loves her crate with the blanket you sent home with her.  She is a great napper when she is played out and does she ever love to play, especially outside.  She comes right away when I call her and has learned to sit.

Daisy is the most amazing puppy.  She is smart as a whip, loving, funny, playful, into everything, etc. and she sleeps all night!

Daisy went to see Dr. Young today.  He gave a thorough exam and said she is a perfect puppy.  Then he asked if she is a Haberly puppy.  I confirmed that she is.  We agreed that you are an exceptional breeder!

It is a whole lot more fun coming home from work at night.  I get lots of kisses, nose cleaning, happy barks and playtime!"

M. Rose
Bremerton, WA

"Thank you for giving us such a wonderful family member.  Lilly is a very well mannered Maltese and loves to be with the kids.  She is very sweet and loving.  We don't know what we would do without her.

Thanks again!"

The Bouldin Family
Ferndale, WA
"We became the proud "adopted" parents of "Bear" in July 2011, and it was love at first sight! We were impressed with how well adjusted Bear was, as he transitioned to his new home.  He was friendly, playful and eager to please from day one, and I credit Cindy for the wonderful start she gave him!

My family and I also have another Yorkie and since he happens to be a stud dog we had the opportunity to work with Cindy before adopting Bear.  Cindy has not only been a pleasure to work with, she has also become a friend.  She is a true dog lover and it's obvious to me that she is passionate about raising adorable, little bundles of love for others to enjoy!

When we take our Yorkies out, they are attention magnets and we constantly hear, 'That's the kind of dog I want!'  The next thing that comes out of my mouth is 'go to buttonnosepups.com'!" 

Diana McIntosh
Beaverton, OR
"I am the VERY proud Mom of Macey!  She is such a joy to have around and each day I am so grateful that I came across Cindy and her wonderful family.  The countless hours of playtime and socialization Macey had with the Haberly's before I received her has shaped the loving, social, and active dog she is today.

Not only is Macey adorable, but she is well behaved and very loyal.  She brings smiles and happiness to everyone she meets!  I could not imagine my life without my little bundle of joy.  She truly is a blessing in my life.  There is no better feeling than coming home to the unconditional love of a pet.

Thank you, Haberly's, for giving me the best dog in the world!  You are all so appreciated and I'll be forever grateful."

Kayla Bieber
Seattle, WA 
 and now
Missoula, MT

And here is another update from Kayla:

"Hi Cindy,

 I thought I would send you a little note to tell you how great Macey is doing here in Montana! She's become quite the little newsroom pup! She joins me at work here at NBC about once or twice at week and everyone just loves her. All of my co-workers comment on her disposition and how well behaved she is. Since she's so little, I just put a baby blanket down on the corner of my desk and she will lay there all day and not make a peep. Although, she does love to run around the newsroom and get loved by everyone too! 

When I moved here in 2012, I moved in with my parents and they just fell in love with Macey. They call her their "grandpuppy". I moved in to a home closer to work about 3 months ago, and I think my parents miss Macey more than they miss me! My Dad will come to visit just to see her! She likes our new house. It has a big fenced yard where she loves to chase the squirrels up the trees and a park down the street that we walk to once a day. 

We've become quite inseparable. My parents ask to take her for a "sleepover" every now and then and it's hard for me to sleep without her on those nights. I've never met a dog that snuggles like she does. She's always cuddled up right next to me every night. It's so sweet.

She is really protective of me though, and is a little hesitant about other dogs, but we're working on more dog socialization with the Petsmart trainer. She's as healthy as can be and has grown to a whopping 4.2 lbs! 

I could go on and on and on about how much I love Macey and how grateful I am to you for allowing me to have her. She is just so perfect and I really couldn't imagine life without her! Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me the best gift I could ever ask for. I've attached pictures for you."

"Dear Cindy,

We just want to let you know how grateful we are for our wonderful new addition, Bella!  She has already brought so much happiness into our home.

Thank you, Cindy, for the amazing communication we had with you from the phone calls, to the emailed pictures, to finally meeting and choosing our new baby girl.  When Bella came right up to us, wagging her tail, we knew she was the perfect puppy for us!  She does not stop wagging her tail - she is just so happy!

We are truly grateful to have her in our lives."

The Christianson Family
Camas, WA
"Hi Cindy,

Our family feels complete with our beautiful new puppy, Blue.  He has been such a joy!  Our boys, Sam and Henry absolutely love him!

We just moved here from Los Angeles, CA and the boys have been nervous about starting a new school and meeting new friends.  Blue has helped them transition nicely and take their minds off of the "newness".  Jack, our 11 year old dog, has been loving the company and has taken to Blue already.

Blue is a wonderful fit to our family.  We couldn't be more grateful to you!!!"

Thank You,

Andrew, Susan, Sam, Henry & Jack Glass
Poulsbo, WA

"I saw my first Yorkie 10 years ago and wanted one ever since.  I started researching and quickly discovered finding a good breeder was the key to the kind of puppy I wanted. 

While at the mall, I was so fortunate to run into Diana McIntosh.  She had her Yorkies, 'Teddy' and 'Bear' (Bear is a puppy from Cindy) with her and gladly shared her breeder information.  After visiting with Cindy and seeing first hand how wonderful she is with her dogs, we picked out our little 'Petie'. 

On September 1st, we brought our puppy home and couldn't be happier.  I have to say, my husband, Paul, has completely fallen for Petie.  He treats her like the little princess she is.  So many people have tried to buy her from us, but Paul tells them there isn't enough money in the world that would entice us to give her up!  That's when I hand them Cindy's card."

Annie Levasseur
Beaverton, OR

The Tuft's ended up adopting Tessa, Tuffy's mom!
"Dear Cindy,

We cannot THANK YOU enough for our beautiful little girl, "JAZZY"!  Jazzy has brought such joy to our family and she is nothing less than a breath of fresh air.

Cindy was an absolute joy to work with and the proof is in the pudding.  Her puppies are raised with much love and care.

I also appreciated how amazing the communication was between Cindy and myself. She was always so prompt in getting back to me and answered every little question I had about her dogs and then some....she sent numerous pictures, e-mails and made many phone calls keeping us connected with Jazzy at all times.

Cindy truly loves her dogs as well as her job.  It takes a very special person to do a job like this and we are so fortunate to have found that person.  If we could have 10 puppies, we would!  They are simply great and so is Cindy and "Button Nose Pups"!"

The Howarth Family
Tualatin, OR

Very Happy Pup Here

"We can't possibly thank you enough for starting Murray on the right paw.  It is clear that his socialization is excellent and he is extremely bright.

He answers to his name, 'no', and is starting to retrieve toys thanks to Jake's tutelage.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful addition to our family."

Will & Suzi Helmlinger
Portland, OR


Well, after a long ride home and a couple days to get settled in, Baley is doing great.  We love him so much and he has really brought a lot of joy, happiness and hours of laughter to our home.

You really impressed BJ and me in everything that you do with your dogs and their pups.  If we ever (shhh! I haven't brought it up yet, When we) decide to get a playmate for Baley, we'll be calling.

Again, thanks for the happiness",

Lenny Dato
Falls City, OR

Here's another update from Lenny:

"Baley is adapting very well.  He eats good and knows to go potty on the pads.  He is very smart, he comes when we call and is getting to know the word "NO" lol!

He is getting a personality of his own that is adorable, ornery, loveable and just special."

"Hi Cindy!

We are doing wonderful! How are you? Penny is such a wonderful puppy! We just love her so much!! She is so sweet, calm and loving... not to mention super smart! I'm so glad we picked her up right after my daughter's wedding. She has really helped the house not to feel quite as empty, and Penny sure does bring joy to my heart every time I see her cute little face! 

She sleeps with my husband & I every night, and has not had any accidents in the bed. If she has to go potty during the night, she just walks back & forth by the edge of the bed till I wake up and put her on a pee pad. When we told our vet that, he was amazed. He said she is super intelligent, and he was surprised she sleeps through most nights without having to go potty till morning. 

Her well puppy check went great! The vet said she is very healthy with great knees, hips and bite. She is right on track with her shots, and she weighs 2.01 lbs as of this last Thursday. All of the front desk ladies think Penny is adorable! 

We are starting to train her. She knows "sit" already & comes to me when I call her; we are working on "stay" and "down", and my son is teaching her "shake". She is catching on amazingly quick!!! 

I take her almost everywhere I go! She is such a good puppy!! She has her own little booster seat in the car, with travel water & food dishes, and we put a pee pad in the back of the van (till she has all her shots, then we can have her go outside in public areas).  

Hope this update finds you & your family well!"


~Mandy Reigel
Hillsborough, OR

"Dear Cindy,

I'm thrilled to tell you that our 14wk old little Pebble is doing wonderful! She is now a perfect 3lbs, sleeps through the night, and is pretty good at potty training. She goes everywhere with us all day long and loves RVing! She has become pretty good friends with our 90lb golden retriever Bandon- she kisses and kisses on him. She's very quiet and we don't think she even knows how to bark. We have a darling little bell collar on her so we can find her at all times. She loves to play tug-a-war or fetch, tries to bury her chews in blankets or sheets, and has a favorite game of steal the sock out of the dirty clothes bin. We find socks everywhere! It is so fun to see this little one running around. As soon as my husband walks through the door, she practically runs up his leg to say hello and give kisses. Pebble brings smiles to everyone all day long.

I couldn't be more happy with our entire experience in finding Pebble. You were outstanding. We shopped for months and almost went out of state to find our Morkie. From the moment I talked to you on the phone, I knew we had found our new puppy. I so appreciate all the photos you'd send while we were waiting for her to be old enough to come home. You went above and beyond answering my million questions and were so knowledgeable about this breed. When we arrived at your home, my husband commented right away about how beautiful and welcoming it was. I loved how all the little pups were in the kitchen and playing in the living room, clearly so loved and taken care of. The purchasing process was smooth and you had it all so well organized. Everything was very professional and orderly yet full of loving care for these little ones. I appreciate how protective you are over their health and well being and truly hope you continue that for all puppies leaving your home. It made me feel very secure knowing you really look at the families taking home your babies and make sure they are all a good fit. It speaks volumes for a reputable breeder. 

 Within a few days of bringing Pebble home, we headed to our vet for a full check-up and more vaccines. He said this little puppy was perfect in every way, was so impressed with all the paperwork and pre-vet work you'd done, and thought it was really caring the way you sent us home with her favorite blanket, a chew, food, and safety sugar paste in case she decided to get low blood sugars. He said that kind thoughtfulness is really rare in breeders and we really scored when we found you.

Thank you for bringing Pebble into this world and letting us take her home.  She makes our family complete." 


Sarah, Kerek, Ashley, Amy, and Ryan Edwards
-Sammamish, WA

"Dear Cindy,

I wanted to let you know that Simon has become the most amazing dog!  He has such an outgoing personality; everyone who meets him can't help but fall in love with him. He is so playful and is the best cuddlier.  I love his markings, I call him my little "cow".  He has become great friends with my friend's cat.  They wrestle, cuddle and even bathe each other, their relationship is the cutest.  Simon is coming up on his eight month birthday and he weighs a whopping 6.5 lbs., the perfect size to take him just about everywhere. I love him so much and wouldn't trade him for the world.  I'll let you know when I am ready for my second little one.  Thanks again!"

Vancouver, WA

"Hi Cindy,

The new puppies are doing great, we take them everywhere. Murphy can't be far from Duffy or Roxy. They are so much fun to watch. Murphy's ears are starting to stand up and you can see his fur is starting to change colors. I couldn't be happier, he has brought a lot of love and laughter to our home. He also keeps us on our toes. Thank you again so much."

Kim Moore
Port Orchard, WA
"Hi Cindy!!!

 It's Aurora. We just celebrated Bella's first birthday and I thought I'd share a picture of our little angel! She is doing so well and is such a good girl. We all love her, my husband came home from deployment and fell in love with her ☺️ She sleeps in my bed every night and follows me all around the house, cuddling in my lap for a nap anytime I sit down. She is so very playful and adorable and keeps us all laughing 😄

Thank you again for helping to bring this baby girl into my world!"

 Aurora 💖
Bainbridge Island, WA

"Dear Cindy,

 Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have a dog! I haven't had one person who doesn't adore her! You are a wonderful breeder and I am recommending you  to everyone! She is a fast learner and grower. It seems every time I turn around she is bigger, yet people still mistake her for a stuffed animal!"


Seattle, WA